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Great Workwear Softshell Jackets for Spring Summer 2015
2015 Water Resistant Workwear Jackets by Regatta It’s that time of year again when we at Regatta Workwear start to promote the lighter ... read more
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Regatta Jackets for Work

Regatta Jackets are renowned throughout the UK for offering fantastic protection against the weather, both waterproof & Breathable Jackets and water resistant outdoor clothing are available.

Professional Workwear Jackets

These waterproof workwear Jackets form the Professional range which are designated as work clothing however thanks to their innovation and styling these Jackets follow much of the same themes and design templates as the Regatta leisurewear ranges and means you buy streetwear design with workwear performance.

Durable Outdoor Regatta Coats

The level of innovation in all Regatta waterproof workwear clothing is staggering and in terms of performance versus price you will be hard pushed to find this level of weatherproofing, thermo technology, durability and performance in any other workwear clothing brand.

Contact Regatta for Trade Discounts

If you are ordering for a workforce we urge you to contact the team at Regatta. We can advise and provide guidance on the most suitable Regatta Jackets to suit your industry needs. In addition, we offer trade discounts on bulk orders. You can contact the team direct on 0333 101 4030. Alternatively, if you complete the trade discounts contact form, we will contact you.

Regatta Cavalcade Waterproof Overhead Jacket - TRW450
TRW450 REGATTA CAVALCADE OVERHEAD JACKET FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 all other deliver..
(£68.21 inc VAT)
Regatta Evader 3 in 1 X-Pro Waterproof Jacket - TRA137
More Colours Available
The Regatta Evader 3-in-1 waterproof jacket is part of the X-Pro range of workwear clothing. Althoug..
(£66.89 inc VAT)
Regatta Galvanise Parka Jacket - TRW449
TRW449 REGATTA GALVANISE PARKA FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 all other deliveries will ..
(£76.80 inc VAT)
Regatta Generator 3in1 Waterproof Jacket - TRA136
More Colours Available
Regatta Generator 3 in 1 jacket - TRA136 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 all other de..
(£74.34 inc VAT)
Regatta Marauder Insulated Waterproof Jacket TRA366
More Colours Available
Regatta Marauder Waterproof & Insulated Jacket TRA366 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 ..
(£51.52 inc VAT)
Regatta Packaway II Waterproof & Breathable Jacket MW248
More Colours Available
Regatta Packaway II Waterproof Jacket MW248 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 all other deli..
(£34.74 inc VAT)
Regatta Rainform Waterproof Jacket TRA367
REGATTA RAINFORM JACKET TRA367 Part of the Hardwear range FREE DELIVERY on purchase over..
(£58.55 inc VAT)
Regatta Vertex II Microfibre Waterproof Jacket TRW423
More Colours Available
Regatta Vertex II Microfibre Waterproof Jacket TRW423 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 all ..
(£54.43 inc VAT)
Regatta Beauford Insulated Waterproof Jacket - TRA361
More Colours Available
The Regatta Beauford Insulated Jacket - TRA361  FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00 ..
(£42.88 inc VAT)
Regatta Benson II 3 in 1 Waterproof jacket - TRA122
More Colours Available
Regatta Benson II 3 in 1 Waterproof Workwear Jacket - TRA122 FREE DELIVERY on purchase ..
(£59.96 inc VAT)
Regatta Darby II Insulated Waterproof Jacket - TRA354
More Colours Available
The Regatta Darby II Insulated Waterproof Jacket-TRA354 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over ..
(£50.09 inc VAT)
Regatta Defender III 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket - TRA130
More Colours Available
Regatta Defender III 3-in-1 Waterproof jacket -TRA130 FREE DELIVERY on purchase over £100.00..
(£53.88 inc VAT)